Wen by Chaz Dean Hair Products: Revolutionizing Hair Care

There are many reasons why people look for hair products. Some suffer from dandruff, dry scalp and even hair loss. The good news is that there are many beauty products in the market. If you are looking for a hair product which will complement your scalp and make your hair shiny and bouncy, try Wen Hair by Chaz Dean products.

What makes the Wen by Chaz Dean products unique?

One of the reasons why people love these products is because they are naturally mad from ingredients which are sourced locally. The manufacturers of the products mix them in a way that they help you retain moisture while cleansing and conditioning your hair.

The other advantage of using the product is that you can be able to clean your hair without stripping down your natural hair oils. This is very important because the scalp thrives when there is a balance in the oils you put on it.

When using the products make sure that you use them according to the directions given. For instance, you should use about 10 to 15 pumps of the shampoo when washing your hair. This amount may seem a lot but the good news is that you will not get an oily scalp afterwards. The hair will retain its moisture and look shiny at the same time. The hair will also stay for up to 8 hours without frizzing.

Wen by Chaz Dean store products can be bought from their official website as well as their official distributors such as Guthy-Renker and QVC. The good thing about their products is that they come in a nice packaging. To get genuine hair products by Wen by Chaz Dean make sure that you get them through trusted dealers. This way, you can benefit more from them.

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Karl Heideck Helps People Fight For Justice

Contact Karl Heideck on Spokeo. A litigator and justice are two words that come to mind when discussing the law. A litigator helps people fight for justice against or for the law. This litigation can start and end in many different ways. The most common way this type of process starts and ends is before a judge. A litigator files a complaint on behalf of someone and a hearing is held before a judge. By the end of this process, the judge makes a ruling. This ruling can be for a certain amount of money to be paid back or for someone to do jail time; this all depends on what is being litigated.

Today, most litigators are fighting for peoples’ rights. These include but are not limited to religious rights, marriage rights, wage rights, and much more. Litigators are busier than ever due to the common changes in the law that occur on a daily basis.

Attorney Kar HeideckAttorney Karl Heideck is a litigator who fights for compliance justice for all legal businesses. These legal businesses include law firms, law schools, and businesses that have salary based lawyers.

Read Karl Heideck’s blog for more information.

It has been proven that many legal companies do not follow compliance laws. These compliance laws were set in place to protect the legal team and the client. Attorney Karl Heideck was really fed up to see how many legal companies were not following the compliance laws. This caused Attorney Karl Heideck to start a firm that would focus solely on compliance laws. With several law degrees hanging on his office wall, Attorney Karl Heideck has studied compliance laws in all 50 states. He knows what should be happening and what should not be happening within all businesses that represent the law. Attorney Karl Heideck has won several awards for his outstanding work in discovering businesses that were taking advantage of the communuty.

Source: http://lawyers.lawyerlegion.com/pennsylvania/karl-heideck-02002264

Ricardo Tosto: An Exceptional Lawyer in Brazil

In Brazil, being a lawyer is one of the most lucrative careers that one can pursue. The lawyers are respected and get excellent benefits. Today, there are over 800,000 attorneys registered by the Brazilian Bar Association and Ricardo Tosto is one of them.

To attain the status of a lawyer in Brazil, you need to first go through a 5-year course at the University. After that, you will be required to pass the exam to be admitted to the Bar, and then you will be permitted to practice law.

The State of Brazil is governed by Supreme Court that is made of two superior courts. There is the Superior Court of Justice that handles non-constitutional cases. The second superior court is the Supreme Federal Court which is the highest court in the land and decides on cases that are related to the Brazilian Constitution.

The Superior Courts analyze cases based on the application of the law according to the constitution. That means that they do not pay attention to the facts of the case in their judgment. It is the responsibility of the courts of the second instance to decide on the facts of the case.

About Ricardo

Ricardo Tosto has built an exceptional career and became an authoritative figure in the State. He is a partner at the Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. He has served in the position for 25 years. His firm is known for dealing with business and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto has been referred to as the greatest entrepreneur in the Brazilian law. This is because he has been able to grow his firm to the largest in Brazil. Tosto has also been involved in training his associates.

Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados full-time service firm that specializes in Business Law. They also offer other services including conflict resolution and judicial litigation. The Firm has its headquarters in Sao Paulo but has other branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

Ricardo Tosto holds a Bachelor of Degree in Law from Universidade Presbiteriana MacKenzie. He also attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation for his Business Administration.


Finding a Breakthrough for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease characterized by the immune system attacking the central nervous system. Several challenges mar treatment of this illness. However, new clinical trial results indicate that a high dose immunosuppressive therapy accompanied by the transplantation of individual’s stem cells induces remission of the disease. The clinical results were recorded from test patients who received treatment in a span of five years. The patients went through the high dose immunosuppressive therapy and the stem cells transplant. 69 percent of the test trial subjects survived without the progression of disability.

The clinical trials were made possible by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Further research suggests that a one-time treatment may be much more effective than the long-term treatment. However, a greater chance stands with patients with a particular kind of MS. The patients who suffer from this ailment exhibit several symptoms that include loss of speech, weakness, fatigue, and chronic pain. The type of MS mostly diagnosed is the relapsing-remitting kind. Mild or no symptoms characterize it. However, with time, the disease can progress to a more lethal form. After treatment, some patients registered a recovery of mobility and other physical capabilities.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a practicing neurologist. He graduated from the Government Medical College. He has practiced neurology for the last 40 years and participated in various medical breakthroughs. Gopal Vasishta also practices psychiatry. Additionally, he is among the 34 doctors who specializes in Neurology at the Kennedy University Hospital.

Dr. Shiva Vasishta has been involved in several types of research. Over the years, he has studied the methods of combating multiple sclerosis. He was a team member tasked with performing the high dose immunosuppressive therapy to patients. Shiva Gopal Vasishta also treats sleep disorders, spinal cord, and muscle disorders among many others.

Anthony Petrello Leads By Example As Nabors Records Better Results Than Ever

Every company needs leaders who are inclined towards growth and development and Antony Petrello is among those who have helped to instill a corporate culture that supports working collectively to deal with the challenges that come along the way.

As a CEO and President, Petrello has been inviting the support of experts from various specialties, who come in with the needed assistance to help Nabors to implement its ideas and plans. His career spans over 30 years and has been a journey full of discoveries.

Antony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 and he was during the same year allowed to join the Board of Directors. He also got an appointment to lead as the CEO and President and his tenure has been active all along. He served from 1991 until 2011, when he left for few months. Again in 2011, he resumed office and has been leading the company all along. Antony Petrello has achieved success in the many years he led the company and part of these achievements include being able to move the company from serving the U.S. market alone to entering into more than 20 countries in different parts of the world. Nabors is today ranked as the biggest land-based drilling company and in the U.S. it runs the biggest and most reliable offshore drilling company.

The reason Antony Petrello has been kept at the leadership of the company is due to his proactive approach to challenges and his ability to come up with solutions to the challenges the company has been facing from time to time. He offers a rare combination that supports the growth of the company and its members. One thing he values a lot is the workforce and the employees who help to make the ideas of the company to a reality. Tony Petrello believes in team work, which has been simplifying processes.

Other companies he worked with include Baker & McKenzie, where he was able to practice while maintaining focus on international arbitration and general corporate law. He was appointed the general managing partner of the firm and worked in the position between 1986 and 1991.

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Freedompop’s Cell Phone Services Are The Future Of The Internet Providing Industry

Emily Guy Birken writes of her once wild wish to have free-to-use internet. She recalls that back when one had to dial up to get an internet access, the idea of having free internet was wild and naïve. As the web progressed, every service provider offered the services at various price packages. Recently, a new and revolutionary service provider, FreedomPop, provides customers with free internet access that has caused a little wave in the web providing business. The procedure of acquiring FreedomPop’s free services requires one to sign up with their online portal to view the various mobile and internet services.


FreedomPop’s various internet, call, and text packages include:

-The free cell phone service– The package entails 500MB of 4GB data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes of call time. The company uses the Sprint Network and doesn’t charge clients with extra costs when they choose to unsubscribe from the service. The package is an excellent service for light internet users who do not stream music and load other heavy internet pages.

-Purchased and earned internet data- To obtain additional data, a user invites friends to join the FreedomPop app and complete surveys, offers, and downloads for services like Netflix and other online games. One can also choose to pay 0.02 per every extra MB after completion of the first 500 MBs.

-Paid full cell phone services

$5 per month Wi-Fi calling option-This option allows users that live around metropolitan areas to access Wi-Fi calls, texts, and data from one of the millions of hotspots across the country.

$10.99 monthly package of unlimited texts, calls and 500 MB of data

$20 per month of unlimited calls, text and 2GB data-This is the most attractive package that offers users with unlimited texts, calls, and data. When one depletes 1GB, the speed rate drops from the original 4G to 3G.


FreedomPop is a wireless internet provider and mobile network operator in LA. It has free mobile services of data, calls, and texts. The company which is a foundation of its CEO Stephen Stokols and the COO, Steven Sesar, has the support of Intel, DCM Capital, Mangrove Capital, Atomico, Axiata and Partech Ventures. To date, it has received a funding of $109 million and $50 million since 2016. The firm uses the Sprint network and launched the LTE sim using the AT&T network. In 2016, it launched an international SIM and free data and has plans to open branches in the UK in 2017.


The Benefits Of Comparative Law And Its Promise To Future Governments

Governments are made up of structures that allow them to function seamlessly. Every government is designed to deal with challenges that come along and this is the reason there are laws set to mitigate any problems. One of the duties of a constitution is to bind communities together and to offer direction to matters that could help the community to grow. In the absence of laws, life would turn out chaotic and complex and many things could go wrong. Law experts from different parts of the world have been proposing ideas for the right way to develop laws and one of the best methods they identified is comparative law.


Application and origin of comparative law

Comparative law is widely used and benefits a wide system of governments across the world. This is an area of law that originated from the effort of European scholars of early 18th century, who frequently visited different regions to collect data and to learn about the benefits of the laws those governments used. While on these journeys, they came across ideas that could help them draft better laws for their governments.  Based on wikipedia.com


Owing to the benefits that came with this process, more and more law experts adopted the method and today it is used across all nations. In the near future, more nations will be spending a budget on the development of comparative law as a specialty and this will further enhance the development of accurate and reliable systems of governance. One of the nations that have been investing a lot in this area is China, which values relationships with trading partners and neighbors.  Head over on this link.


Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an author and professor of law who has been exploring the different forms of governance available on earth in this era and in the past. His research has revealed interesting ways of dealing with the challenges governments across the world face and he has helped to instill new methods of dealing with conflict. Sujit Choudhry helped the United Nations in several missions, where he offered insight into the conflicts that were ailing communities.


His prowess as a law professor and a constitutional development expert has led him to also work with institutions like World Bank, where he offered ideas for constitutional development in several parts of the world. Sujit Choudhry has authored several journals and articles addressing the issues governments face and offering ideas for the development of stable systems.

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Consider Investing In Fine Wine Collection

Wine collection is one of the alternative investment opportunities that is available to amateur investors. Basically it works by buying wines with intention to sell them at a profit in the future. A new investor will have to incur the cost of setting up storage for her wines.

UKV PLC is a British company that specializes in acquiring and selling investment grade wine. Whatever wine you are after, UKV’s extensive network of contacts will help you acquire that wine.

UKV PLC have all the best and famous wine brands such as Dom Perignon, Lafite Rothschild, Gruaud Larose, Margaux and Mouton Rothschild. With the fine wine industry experiencing high demand one would be remiss not to invest in wine. The increase in demand is being driven by upcoming markets in India, China and Brazil. Fine wines have the advantage of finite supply. Chateaus will only produce one unique vintage, usually 3,000 to 15,000 cases. As the wine is consumed the stock is depleted. Even though the stock is reducing, the demand for the wine remains constant or even increases in some instances. This phenomenon generally causes wine prices to increase.

Wine investment provides full ownership of a tangible asset that appreciates in value over time. Wines from renown chateaus also have inherent value similar to that of property in high end estates. An investment in a fine wine collection will protect your money from financial downturns and economic depressions.

UKV PLC will assist the novice wine investor in obtaining the best wine based on their budget and goals. PKV will give an interested investor a free face to face consultation at a location of the investor’s choice. You are not under any obligation to purchase anything after the consultation. UKV PLC consultants are very professional and they will ensure that you avoid the many pitfalls that are present in the wine market.

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Why Trust White Shark Media?

White Shark Media offers trusted marketing services for SMBs all over the world. Google only accepts a few agencies into their Premier SMB Partner program. The White Shark Media agency had to meet stringent training and eligibility requirements in order to qualify. The reason Google created the program was to help business owners who don’t know where to start when it comes to online marketing, understand there are companies they can trust to provide them with reliable service.


As a small and medium-sized business owner, we know that you’re busy. You don’t have time to weigh countless online advertising options. However, you can rest easy when you choose White Shark Media.


What Our Clients Say!


Our valued White Shark Media clients are constantly giving us reason to be proud of our brand. Many of them feel they owe a great degree of their business’ success to our marketing campaigns. They’re receiving way more phone calls and addressing warm leads that are easier to convert into sales. Some of our clients are earning millions of dollars. However, we offer flat rate pricing for all major campaigns.


Converting What We Do Best


When it comes to online marketing, it’s all about conversions. It doesn’t matter if your website is on the first page of Google above the fold; if no one is visiting and completing your call-to-action, (ie. email submit, newsletter membership join, free trial or purchase etc.), it really doesn’t matter where the spiders list your website.

Who We Are

White Shark Media is a small company founded in 2011. We know web marketing and we make a point to provide professional services. Some of our top clients include A Star Movers in Texas, IMarine Inc. and Platinum Pro Painters in Canada. It doesn’t matter where your business located, we can offer you local, national and international marketing.


Beautiful Wedding Locales

Pembroke Pines, Florida is a beautiful location to get married. Between almost year-round sunshine and great temperatures choosing this location for you wedding is sure to get you some amazing photos and video. Whether you choose one of the many beautiful beaches, a five-star resort or exclusive hotel for your big day, George Street Photo and Video Locations will make the most of the beautiful scenery and capture all the precious memories you and your guests will be making.

Another great location that offers a diverse selection of beautiful wedding venues is Denver, Colorado. You can choose from the many State Parks with their spectacular waterfalls, rolling meadows and deep canyons, or the top of a mountain with breathtaking panoramic views of glistening snow covered caps in the winter or flower filled meadows in summer. Whatever your preference, George Street Photo and Video will have professional, skilled photographers available to capture your special day.