Monthly Archives: May 2017

Jose AuriemoNeto Drives JHSF in Brazil

JHSF is the leading firm in real estate in Brazil. It has its foot print in commercial and residential development. It also develops shopping centers’, hotels and international airports for business.The company was started in 1972 and is today revered for its ability to identify business opportunities and growth areas in the market. JHSF’s make […]

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You Will Love the Beneful Choices

The Beneful name in dog food means quality, great taste and affordability. Your dog will love the taste of Beneful products and with so many different types of products, other than just hard kibbles, you have more opportunities to shower your dog with the delicious taste of Beneful. Try Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges for healthy […]

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Tammy Mazzocco: Don’t Take Yourself so Seriously

Tammy Mazzocco has lived in Ohio her entire life. During this period, she has managed to befriend successful real estate investors such as Keen Cook, Joe Armeni, and Mike Zelnik. These three gentlemen have played a crucial role in transforming Tammy Mazzocco into the real estate professional she is today. She has also worked with […]

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