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NGP VAN’s New Tool, Distribution of Canvassing Software

Gabby, a political marketing strategist at NGP VAN released an article that focuses on how the new tool, distribution canvassing, is playing a great role for organizers and campaigners in the US. Organizing for campaigns is not an easy task to do especially in preparing the maps and walklists. NGP VAN’s distributed canvassing is the […]

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Sean Penn, Pappy Pariah, and Bob Honey

A novel by the actor, director, and writer Sean Penn has just been released in March. The book, originally an audiobook, titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” originally stated a Mr. Pappy Pariah was the author of the audiobook. Penn has even told a story of meeting this Pappy at a bar in Key […]

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The End of Citizens United

     In the year 2010, there was a legal battle in which Citizens United sued the F.E.C. over being barred from airing a video lampooning Hillary Clinton shortly before the primaries. Out of that case came a famous Supreme Court decision that gives labor unions, corporations, and other organizations the same rights under the first […]

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Sheldon Lavin is a Revered Team Leader and OSI Group’s Chief Executive Officer

The emerging world of business is swimming in the healthy brains of entrepreneurs who are holding onto the hope of revolutionizing the existing markets. Factual as that is, it is also true to note that these entrepreneurs need guidance from leaders who have been there before. This is solely because they may fail in their […]

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Daniel Taub and His Political Stand on How To Address Iran’s Nuclear Threats

We may think that we understand the world, but only when we’re actively involved in how it works as an officer in the government can we understand that it’s not all just grandeur and political debates. Learn more about Daniel Taub: It’s more than what we think it is. One of the few people […]

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Agora Financial Gives Clients Potential for Success

Baltimore-based Agora Financial has worked in the investment industry for years. The company knows how to invest and knows the strategies people can use to take advantage of the best investments. They also know there are things they can do to help their clients out no matter what issues they face. The company spent a […]

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