A Look at the Inspiring Richard Mishaan Design World

When compiling a list of the globe’s best designers and architects, Richard Mishaan Design is a name that will certainly appear at the top of that list. This can be attributed to the irrefutable taste Richard Mishaan has in architecture and interior design. Famous for his jaw-dropping art, Richard makes his unique styling signature and his name a global brand, marveled by many art and design enthusiasts. Here is a detailed look at Richard Mishaan’s values, achievements, sources of inspiration and motivations that make Richard Mishaan designs charming and unique.

His Career

Since the start of his career, Richard has managed to complete many high-end commercials (often in lavish hotels) and residential projects. On one exclusive interview, Mishaan was asked about how and when he started designing hotel spaces lavishly. In his response, Richard said that he was asked to design a presidential suite in New York City at the St. Regis Hotel. He stated that the project marked the start of a chain of projects in hotels including the high-end hotels such as Hotel Tcherassi in Colombia, Shelbourne Hotel and Marriot AC on South Beach.

Richard Mishaan Design Touch

How come Richard Mishaan Design is unique? For starters, Richard goes out of his way to design unique masterpieces. He dares to create the unimaginable. Although most designers choose to stick to the 21st century lavish designs, Richard Mishaan Designs go a step further to merge today’s luxury with the traditional works of art. The final result of the intricate merger turns out to be stunning and distinctive.