A Women of Many Talents, Crystal Hunt, Makes a Name for Herself

When you are born with it, the public will take notice. Sure, there are plenty of visually appealing people, but they often lack talent or ambition. When people have beauty, brains, and talent, they become what is known as a triple threat. Well, while Crystal Hunt does not threaten the public in a negative way, her positive attributes are undoubtedly intimidating, and have resulted in a unique and prosperous career for her.

The woman demonstrated a passion for acting at a young age. Of course, the passion aspect of this is important, but the fact that she also demonstrated talent made her destined for the big screen, or well, the screen in living rooms across the globe. Her aptitude for acting resulted in her start of being a soap opera star.

Few people understand the skill that is needed to be a soap opera actress, and little credit is given to these gifted individuals. Needing to literally be ready to act each day for a new episode puts a lot of pressure on these people, and those who have the drive break through with a beaming shine that cannot be ignored. The Guiding Light Star made headlines as her breakthrough role of a troubled teenager, Lizzie Spaulding.

A prominent appearance in the movies , The Derby Stallion and Sydney White, further contributed to Hunt’s successful career, too. Her nomination for an impressive Daytime Emmy award and a Soap Opera Digest award undoubtedly highlights that Hunt’s career is no simple feat, and her accomplishments in the industry are certainly impressive.  The way that she continues to branch out as an artist into photography is admirable as well.

Currently eager to land a pilot for her own show demonstrates that Crystal Hunt is a driven soul with dreams that delve deeper than acting. Surely a business woman, Hunt, alongside other industry starlets, star in the reality show, Queens of Drama. As they work tirelessly to land a pilot for their own show, real life drama unfolds, but fearless and determined Hunt holds her own.  Crystal’s official Facebook has more information about the actress.