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The Natural pH Level of Waiakea Water Allows it to Hydrate the Body’s Cells Better

The question of how reliable the information is that comes from bottled water companies was the topic of an online article. Although most brands are advertised as coming from natural springs that contain properties presumed to be beneficial to the human body, the fact is that not all brands are the same. For a water […]

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Tempus Co Founder Eric Lefkofsky

Over the last two decades, Americans have spent an extra $933 billion on health care. These expenditures have been paid due to higher fees for care along with the care for patients being more expensive and intense. Along with care being more expensive, both population growth and aging were also among the biggest factors of […]

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Beneful Won My Dog Over

I’m a firm believer in anytime anyone eats anything that Beneful it should be beneficial to their health in some way, shape, or form. I believe that every meal should have meats and veggies that are filled with protein and vitamins. I feel that every snack should be one that isn’t only tasty but also […]

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