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End Citizens United; Protecting American Democracy From Corruption by Big Monies

End Citizen United, popularly abbreviated as ECU, is the most significant political action committee that seeks to unrig the American electoral system. Their quest for a clean system is unstoppable. Basically, the group is out to push for reversal of Supreme Court’s decision, which seemed to empower super PACS, giving them an opportunity to fuel […]

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Why We Must Support the Johnson Amendment

End Citizens United is speaking up about the Johnson Amendment. They are united in their efforts to end the Citizens United ruling, which allows people to make large contributions to businesses without disclosing them. This is terrible for politics, because there is no accountability. However, there is a chance that nonprofits and churches will also […]

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End Citizens United Protects Johnson’s Amendment From Republican Attack

The GOP has a long history of attempting to make major changes to campaign finance rules including the controversial 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The latest piece of legislation in the firing line of conservative groups appears to be one of the least controversial on the books; Johnson’s Amendment was first introduced […]

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