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How Alex Pall Stacks Up His New Role

There are certainly things that the Chainsmokers have done that can’t be faulted no matter what you believe. They are taking hits made for the college crowd and expanding this into success in general. They have managed to produce something that many people would love to see for themselves but simply aren’t in the mindset […]

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George Soros Gave Attention To Those Who Needed It

George Soros liked to show people who needed help the ways they could help themselves. He didn’t believe in just giving them what they were looking for. Instead, he believed it was important to give them all the options that would help them with the experiences they had. There were also things that would change […]

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George Soros Efforts To Promote Open Societies

Billionaire philanthropist and investor George Soros made great news by donating $18 billion, a big chunk of his wealth to the Open Foundation society. Mr. Soros who has been on the front line in championing human rights and democratic causes in more than 120 countries. Mr. Soros founded the Open Foundation in 1979 to promote […]

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