ClassDojo Brings Communication To A Whole New Level For Students Around The World

ClassDojo was founded by Sam and Liam back in 2011 and was aimed at being an educational tool for students and teachers to help create a more engaging classroom. It is also focused on improving the connection between parents, students, and teachers to build the schooling community and create a more positive outlook for students. When students are having fun with their studies and enjoy the classroom experience, they are much less likely to fall behind or avoid doing their school work. Parents are able to motivate students to great effect when they stay active in their schooling, which is why ClassDojo works hard to get every student’s parent’s involvement. All that is needed for a parent to stay joining in on their child’s learning is an invitation. The app is completely free to use and is easy to learn even for those with no technological know-how.

ClassDojo also allows users to share their experiences with each other, whether in the same schooling community or from different communities around the world. Students are able to share personal classroom projects and activities with each other from various parts of the world. This is a great deal of fun for the majority of students, getting to see a glimpse of what other parts of the world are like for learning. Students can also ask questions and learn about the various cultures that have joined in on the ClassDojo network.

There are many different educational programs on the market these days, but most of them are not focused on communication, especially when it comes to grades K-8. Instead, these programs are aimed at just teaching students information, and not for free either. This unique approach from ClassDojo has earned them recognition all over the world today, which is how they managed to spread into more than 180 different countries today. In less than a decade, ClassDojo is the number one educational tool in use at the elementary level.

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