Clay Hutson’s Background

Clay Hutson from Nashville, Tennessee earned his Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts majoring in Theatre Design and Technical Production at Central Michigan University. He later went to the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration. After he graduated from school, he started his career journey where he worked for several live entertainment organizations. At some point, he worked as a project manager and as a sound engineer.


In 1991, he started working for Getagrip Touring as their production manager. He has also served at Ronin Event Creative as the vice-president of production since 2001. At a particular time, he also served as the production manager for Prince and Jennifer Nettles as well as being the stage manager for the famous Kanye West.


Clay Hutson also worked in other types of entertainment including working at the Billy Graham’s travelling circuit where he showed his excellent skills in the industry and worked with the sound team. He was never shy to show his abilities in his work. In recent times, he has chosen to work entirely as a producer, designer, and manager of various live tours.


Hutson has shown his interests in the music industry ever since he was a young boy and that would probably explain why after working in many types of corporate entertainment, he finally settled for working in the music industry. At the music industry, he was able to work for various music’s biggest stars such as Kanye West, Kid Rock, Pink, Guns N’ Roses, Garbage among others.


Clay becomes a performer at the rock ‘n’ roll where his skills could never go unnoticed. With the success that he earned from the great opportunities he had in the sound engineering, live performances and management and other types of fine arts he engaged in, he was able to start his own business. He explored his natural entrepreneurship skills, and his hard work paid off. Clay became a great entrepreneur and earned an excellent reputation for his fantastic work.


In his career, Clay was able to visit many countries in Europe with the great musicians he worked for together with a band known as Garbage. He toured many parts of the world and even spent considerable time in North America and Australia and Asia. He also operated an automatic rigging system which was one of his significant accomplishments in his career. Clay Hutson also spends his free time with his family and also does woodworking and crafting. Learn more: