End Citizens United Gathering Support Of People To Reject Corporate Money In Election Campaigns

The corporations in the United States have been funding the elections for many years now, and the amount of money spent during the elections continues to increase. The Supreme Court of the United States has permitted the individual and corporate entities to fund the election campaigns with an unlimited amount of money. The use of unprecedented amount of money in the elections has been impacting its outcome negatively, and it is this manipulation that many political activists are voicing their protest against.

End Citizens United is the PAC that has been protesting against the existing campaign finance rules and wants the Supreme Court to take back the decision is made in the 2010’s case of FEC versus the Citizens United. The decision by the Supreme Court made it possible for the corporations to spend the infinite amount of money as they wish to support the political candidate and party of their choice.

If the corporations and the individuals are allowed to spend as much money as they want in the election campaigns, the outcome of the elections is unnaturally compromised. The mindset of the voters is influenced due to the fancy election campaigns. End Citizens United is a prominent political action committee in the United States started by Tiffany Mueller with the aim to create awareness about how the Big Money is damaging the integrity of the elections and how it can be made a clean and just affair with the help of public support.

End Citizens United wants that the use of corporate money is ended in the election so that only the fair political candidates are elected by the people without being influenced by glamorous election campaigns. There are many political candidates that the End Citizens United is endorsing and continues to spread awareness about its movement so that more and more political candidates join its campaign to reject the corporate money.

End Citizens United has been gaining a lot of support from the people across the country who has been donating to their fund. The fund that the End Citizens United gather from the grassroots donors is used to endorse the political candidates in their election campaign. Even though the amount ECU gathers is not as much as the corporate election fund, it is sufficient to reach out to the people. There are many political candidates that the End Citizens United endorses, some of which are Max Rose, Josh Butner, Slyvia Garcia, Kathie Manning, and few others.

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