End Citizens United; Protecting American Democracy From Corruption by Big Monies

End Citizen United, popularly abbreviated as ECU, is the most significant political action committee that seeks to unrig the American electoral system. Their quest for a clean system is unstoppable. Basically, the group is out to push for reversal of Supreme Court’s decision, which seemed to empower super PACS, giving them an opportunity to fuel dark money into politics. The number of people subscribing to their ideology has continued to rise as the agency gains popularity. Just recently, Tiffany Muller, the End Citizen United president, addressed how uncontrolled special interest money in politics hurts Americans directly. He added that congress will keep serving evil masters for as long as America does not solve the corrupting role of money making its way into the political space.

The Opioid Bill; An Enough Reason for ECU to Remain in Pursuit

Washington’s rigged system is a real pain. It is heartbreaking to realize that congress members joined hands with drug distributors to pass the deadliest bill that has claimed lives of over 200,000 Americans. At the same time, those politicians advocating for drug distribution pushed for legislation that stripped DEA off their ability to fight against the culprits facilitating opioid epidemic. From the look of things, unless those in authority rise to the occasion, then something worse than opioid epidemic awaits Washington. The tragic mass shooting in October is probably just a tip of the iceberg. The penetration of dark money got NRA spending $54 million, which they spent on electing their specially selected politicians. In response, those chosen were to stonewall gun safety measures. This is utter corruption that only exposes the lives of everyday Americans.

Background Niceties About End Citizen United

End Citizen United comprises authorities who cannot stand watching America’s democracy getting sold. The administrators at the helm are pushing for reforms in the political system to restore sanity in the entire America. They understand that there is a corrupt throttlehold that dark political money has fixed on their system. Some billionaires have the audacity to stand up in big banks as the main street suffers in anguish. How much longer should NRA shrug their shoulders at mass shootings?

In Support of Reforms

Sometime back, ECU announced their sanctioning of eleven democratic candidates. Among them were Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Wisconsin’s Sen. Russ Feingold. The entire action committee will back these candidates as they push their fight against Citizens United. As well, those people who were attacked by dark money agencies and the billionaire Koch brothers will join the movement to pursue a corporate goal; cleaning America’s political system. For the 2018 election cycle, ECU seeks to raise $35 million, which will be a significant milestone.

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