Eric Pulier’s Approach to Disruptive Technology

Eric Pulier is the head of the hit mobile technology and communications company, vAtomic Systems. vAtomic Systems has made a name for themselves thanks to their work with microtransactions, bringing digital products out into the real world with real, tangible money. Pulier is one of the more interesting entrepreneurs in the industry thanks to his hands on approach to all of the work that he does. Pulier is an old school tech guru who has worked every step of the way to establish himself and his credibility. We dove into an interview with Eric Pulier order to find out what makes him tick and what makes his work so special.

As an entrepreneur and technologist Eric Pulier knows that his work can change on any given day. Pulier has worked hand in hand with a variety of different companies in the tech world including Digital Evolution, Akana, ServiceMesh and more. Pulier has worked alongside other charity groups and venture capital groups as well in order to seed different start ups in a variety of different industries — the majority of which have gone on to find some measure of success.

In order to target his next project, Eric Pulier knows to focus on market trends while looking for a ‘disruptive opportunity’. A disruptive opportunity, in Pulier’s own words, is a change in tech that “transforms the economy and the way we live”. Pulier points out how Uber utilized Google Maps, cloud computing, and mobile tech to become an industry juggernaut. This concept is what eventually led Pulier to the concept of vAtomic Systems in the following: click here.

Pulier’s day to day life is as interesting as it is varied. The only constant in the day to day life of Eric Pulier is that he has to get a good nights rest and an early wake up call in order to stay ahead of the pack. As a father of four with many obligations, there never seems to be enough time in the day. Right now Eric Pulier is focused on expanding his work with the XPrize Foundation and the Painted Turtle Summer Camp.