Family-Owned Aloha Construction Believes In Modern Construction Professionalism

The construction industry is on fire in more ways than one. Commercial and residential projects continue to fuel the U.S. economy. But trying to find workers is the disease that is holding construction projects back in many parts of the country. Houston is a good example of a bad construction situation. Thousands of homes are ruble thanks to Hurricane Harvey. The Federal Government put the money in place to rebuild parts of the city, but the construction companies can’t find enough workers to complete all the rebuilding projects in Houston in a reasonable amount of time. People will be homeless for years, according to some FEMA officials.

But not all construction companies are experiencing labor issues. Aloha Construction in Lake Zurich, Illinois is doing everything right according to a recent article published by According to, the Aloha Construction team of specialists has expertise in several construction categories. Those specialists include managers, supervisors, installers, office staff, and inspectors. The team also includes bonded roofers who repair and install shingles as well as attic ventilation systems and roof flashing.

Remodeling is the flavor of the day, and people in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin know there’s only one company to use when remodeling projects have a time deadline, according to That company is Aloha.

Finding the right construction company that still believes in integrity, honesty, and fairness when it comes to customer relationships as well as relationships with subcontractors, insurance adjusters, suppliers, and real estate agents is not easy but Aloha has that reputation. Aloha Construction knows attention to detail and completing work in a timely and orderly way is part of their DNA. Aloha Construction is a customer satisfaction focused construction company, according to For more info about us: click here.

The Aloha Construction sales, service, customer relation teams believe in modern construction professionalism. That means they do contract construction work with a purpose that supersedes the financial rewards. The Aloha Construction teams want to make a difference in the industry and they are, according to