Helane Morrison Making Big Strides for Women in Corporate Compliance

It is impossible to hold Helane Morrison down. She just keeps climbing and moving forward in her career goals. She is accomplishing a lot and setting the groundwork for a whole new generation of female executives. Much of this is linked to her willingness to take on new challenges and learn all that she can learn through her varied work experience. She is a firm believer in growing where you are planted. She has been in San Francisco for many years, and she continues to thrive in corporate world in this city.

According to her Crunchbase, Helane has been on different committees like the Hedge Fund Committee for the American Bar Association. She has also been on the executive committee for Hall Capital for several years. She stays active and continues to provide valuable insight because she is accomplished and well-rounded from her work history.

Many female executives are looking up to Helane because she has become the source of inspiration for those that are coming up behind her. She is over the age of 50, and the time frame that she has been in the corporate workforce gives her a wide range of experience with many different areas. As a woman that has a law degree she has the knowledge to do her job well. In the role of compliance director she is able to make sure that Hall Capital stays out of legal trouble. She has conducted internal corporate investigations in previous jobs and she has a lot of experience with business litigation as you can see from her case work below.

Morrison marks a different path for the female executive. She has taken a role in life that a lot of other women may not have considered for their own careers, especially not in the world of corporate compliance. This is why her leadership is so valuable. She has managed to spark attention to a career profession that many women were simply unaware of. This is a bold move because she didn’t really have a road map to follow. There are not a lot of other women that have held the position of Regional Director or Compliance Officer down through the years. This shows that Morrison is breaking the glass ceiling that has been imposed in the corporate world for females.

She has been able to thrive after starting out as a law clerk. Helane has shown women that they do not have to limit themselves. She stayed the course with her interest in law and eventually became a business lawyer.