Kamil Idris- Expert on protection of Intellectual Property

After the trade tariffs that were passed by President Trump, it will now be harder for other countries to steal the intellectual property of Americans. Americans have suffered the most from cases of intellectual theft especially from China. China has for a long time been stealing the intellectual property of Americans especially on technologies and using it to make inferior products which they then send to the United States as exports. The situation will no longer be the same after the tariffs passed by President Trump. The country will be imposing tariffs on goods worth $50 billion. Among the people who will lose greatly are the Chinese. The United States will be charging 20 percent on all steel products and 10 percent on all aluminum products. The aim is to boost manufacturing capacity of the American companies.


Intellectual Property is the right that a person, organization enjoy on matters of innovations. Countries are investing heavily in innovations just for the results to be stolen from other countries. This is one of the things that President Trump is addressing and wants to be stopped. Intellectual property is protected through copyrights and patents among many other forms of protection. The main reason this culture is emphasized on is to facilitate the expansion of innovations in the world. If no one is taking the initiative to innovate, then the world will become a dull place.


Intellectual property is protected by an international organization known as the World Intellectual Property Organization. The organizations aim to see that innovativeness is promoted. The organization comes up with policies and regulations that will guide how countries will treat each other on this matter.


One of the people who possess great knowledge on this matter is Kamil Idris. He is a top scholar in the field of law and has been a Director General of this organization for 10 years. He is knowledgeable about this topic following the experience he has had in the industry. Intellectual Property protection is something Kamil Idris holds in high respect and normally advice organizations and countries on how to safeguard their intellectual property.