Kamil Idris- Intellectual Property expert and politician

Other countries have for many years accused China of being behind intellectual property theft. There are many countries which have even stopped trade engagements with China just for the simple reason that it is taking away their intellectual property. China has been taking advantage of the lack of good policies which guide protection of intellectual property to steal technologies from other countries. They go ahead and implement them and then use their influence to sell their products to other countries. It is interesting to note that China has been stealing a lot from America and then selling most of their goods in America. The U.S.A has risen and wants to challenge this trend. President Trump has passed trade tariffs that will stop China from exporting goods to the United States.


The United States will impose tariffs on goods worth $50 billion. Steel products will earn a tax of 20 percent while aluminum will earn 10 percent. The move has however received mixed reactions from different quarters. Some people have argued the move will result in retaliation from China and the European Union. This will end up creating a trade conflict in the world. A global economic war will end up with all countries losing.

The issue of intellectual property is becoming very important in the world. Countries are not willing to give up their intellectual property and are therefore ensuring that protection of intellectual property is part of the trade deals they sign. Intellectual property ensures that innovations are promoted. When people are stopped from stealing the ideas of others, they will concentrate on making their innovations, in the end, we end up with great ideas and products.


The issue of intellectual property in the global arena is facilitated by an organization known as the World Intellectual Property Organization. One of the people who has seen the organization grow over the years is Kamil Idris. Kamil Idris was the Director General of WIPO for a decade. He possesses experience and knowledge on the matter and has helped the world deal with some of the challenges that we currently face in this matter. Kamil Idris is also a politician in Sudan. He vied for the presidency in 2010.