Lime Crime mystical and plush Makeup for goth, edgy,glamour, unicorns!

Lime Crime is an incredibly innovative and charming line of makeup launched at by mogul(Make-up artist/model/clothing-designer/entrepreneur) Doe Deere in 2008.

Since Lime Crime was first introduced to the beauty/cosmetic industry, it’s girly, dream-like meets edgy blend has been a brand so addictive that fans cant get enough!

In as little as 7 years, Lime Crime has become one of the most established independent cosmetics line, and has since become cemented in the fashion/entertainment world through numerous A-list celebrities, like Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and more… All of which have worn Lime Crime cosmetics.

Lime Crime has a reputation for setting itself apart from other makeup brands by being a leader in versatility. Dedicated to enhancing and inspiring individual beauty trends in a way that is unique and exotic for each individual.

The Line consists of several types of makeup, highlighting eye-shadows and lipsticks as its primary prize. The makeup ranges from soft powder-like pastels, to wet, plush, sensual shades, and even glittery brilliance…

The versatility of the Lime Crime brand is undeniable, giving individuals freedom to alternate between dark/edgy Gothic looks, such as “Styletto”, or “Crybaby” for the lovable unicorns at heart. With such a drastic variation of style contrast, its evident that Lime Crime does not discriminate. It is a makeup for Lovers and fighters.

This mystical beauty-line is flirtatious and daring, so its no surprise that some of Lime Crime’s biggest supporters happen to come from the LGBT community.

In addition to the LGBT community, Lime Crime continues to amass a large pool of diverse followers, resulting in the line’s continued success as an internationally recognized an supported cosmetic line.

Lime Crime’s diverse fan-base extends from the US and abroad, providing a wide array of makeup options containing odd, distinctive shades of makeup for every complexion. Lime Crime has also circulated a special interest in the African-Americans community, as well as other minorities with toffee and chocolate hued complexions. Such beauties who have trouble finding makeup to compliment their darker tones, often contribute their praises on Lime Crime blogs/threads, detailing that the makeup bright color formulas offer a one of a kind solution to finding soft pastels, and rich-color makeup vivid enough to stand out against their dark/warm skin tones.

Doe Deere’s background of beauty and fashion are made evident through her great PR/marketing campaign of teaming up with popular clothing brands Urban Outfitters, and Dolls Kills. Both clothing lines distribute Lime Crime cosmetics, proving that this female beauty pioneer knows her audience.

Lime Crime’s business collaboration with UO resulted in the newly original lipstick creation, “Eraser”, sold exclusively through UO. The lipstick is a lovely bright pink color inspired by the eraser of a #2 pencil.

Lime Crime makeup is makeup designed for any style, and can be edgy or sophisticated, yet bright and playful. The line offers several options… whether goth, sensual, or youthful, you can play with different looks, all of which equally powerful and a wonderland delight!

Quality cruelty-free products are what make Lime Crime a high quality line prized on having high standards, and setting high expectations for competitors.

Be sure to check out Lime Crime’s Newest additions, Velvetines “Jinx”, a highly luscious deep plum shade that’s sassy and bold, and “Squash”, a color right on time for Fall season, with color resembling autumn leaves, and the fruit its named after!
Other new releases to try are “Rave” and the deliciously wild “Red Velvet”.

Carousel gloss by Lime Crime is a true classic, and introduces urban candy-paint colors similar to the paint that L.A. cars are known for, and contain that same subtle hint of metallic shimmer. Reds by the Carousel collection are irresistibly seductive.

Lime Crime’s makeup can mold into any look you like, and is an empowering and liberating movement. It’s magic will entice your imagination, and wake up your inner unicorn.

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  1. Zuri Franklin says:

    One day I walked up into a saloon and asked to look like Justin but they said no, I be the Lime Crime makeup cannot beat this. Maybe I would win this bet but bestessay reviews suggest beyond doubt that makeup artist can do jaw dropping work on people and make them change well.