Logan Stout’s Journey in Life is Centered on Bringing out the Best in Others, Which Manifests in All His Endeavors

Logan Stout believes in a simple life while loving and giving generously. His life journey has stood true to this mantra as he is mainly focused on motivating others better their lives. His interests ran far and wide, and he has created a household name across several fields. Logan is a celebrated motivational speaker and leadership coach, generous philanthropist, thriving entrepreneur, author and former baseball player and coach.

Venturing in Nutrition

When Logan Stout was an active athlete, good nutrition played a big part in his success. He instantly became interested in investing in the industry when a doctor approached him with the idea in 2014. May the same year, he launched his health and wellness company IDLife LLC. The firm is focused on using nutritional supplements and vitamins to improve the lives of its clients. The ability to prescribe the best supplement to clients has seen the company grow massively in those three years. It has also attracted other wellness advocates and authors who have joined the platform to teach others on matters of good nutrition. Other investors such as Garmin, a fitness devices provider, have partnered with IDLife LLC. The company is recognized across the globe for its good work. Last year, it was among the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world.

Creating Quality Leaders

Logan Stout believes in getting the right people to drive businesses to the top. It is for this reason that he aims at creating strong leaders through his leadership training. His work has led him to partner with the world-renowned leadership experts such as John C. Maxwell. His best-selling book, Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams was inspired by his passion in this area. His exceptional work has been published by several media outlets such as Philadelphia Life Magazine who also named him Man of the Year. He has also been on television and radio numerous times. For more info about us: https://idlifewellness.idlife.com/ click here.

Giving Back

Logan Stout has been generous in his giving particularly to young baseball players. He desires to give them a good platform equipped with all necessities to thrive in the game which led him to start the Dallas Patriots and Premier Baseball Academy.

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