Lori Senecal, The Woman Behind CP-B’s Undisputed Success

As a Global CEO, Lori Senecal has a task of making sure that the company’s growth, expansion as well as outreach is steady – a task that she had been doing for effortlessly that they world just couldn’t take ignore.

As the acme of business, CP+B agency has always made sure that they are making use of the all-important social media pages, advertising their services to interested parties on a regular basis. The Chairman, Lori Senecal, has ensured that she always uses her amazing skills to use social media appropriately so that she can, in turn, reach the correct people.

Another reason why CP+B have been successful with Lori Senecal as its head is because she not only uses social media as a powerful tool for advertising but also knows how to make their messages captivating. She fully understands just how impatient the online community is and if the content doesn’t seem interesting enough, it will be passed over. And that is a mistake that she and her team don’t take lightly. As a result, any CP+B Agency content on social media are always captivating.

Lori has been instrumental in the improvement of CP+B through meaningful collaborations and inventions since joining the agency in 2015. This in turn, making a lot of profits. Under the stewardship of one Lori Senecal, the company has flourished beyond anyone’s expectations. Before taking the job of heading Global, Lori used to be the CEO of KBS and the company recorded incredible growth under her leadership – one that was a tad difficult to ignore. For instance, she managed to grow. Visit Campaign Live for the details.

As a result of her hard work and undisputed dedication, Lori Senecal has attracted a lot of recognition, one of the most auspicious ones being the most creative people in business recognition in 2017. The latter is no mean achievement because there are a lot of creative people in the contemporary world of business. She also was the president of the flagship New York office of McCann Erickson and needless to say, did wonders.

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