Malcolm Casselle Believes Video Games Have The Power To Make Cryptocurrency A Mainstream Asset

Just how many people trust the increasingly popular cryptocurrency markets? The answer is probably very few as some well-known investors are unwilling to trust a new way of paying for items they are failing to understand. Worldwide Asset eXchange President Malcolm Casselle believes the video game community will play a major role in bringing the cryptocurrency markets into the mainstream with the tokenization of games playing a major role in the development of the need for a new way of buying and selling assets Online.

Malcolm Casselle hopes his WAX brand will develop into one of the most important platforms in the video game community and will be at the heart of the development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms. Video game markets have always been a gold mine for those looking to commit fraud and theft by taking the assets purchased by gamers using tokens which can leave a player with a large number of assets purchased which they will never use again.


Blockchain technology has been attached to the use of cryptocurrency since the development of the technology and software attached to this form of a monetary item. Casselle’s work includes the use of a self-governing series of guilds which will be voted for based on their security and the trustworthy nature they build over the years when linked to a specific video game.


Malcolm Casselle works as the President of WAX and is the Chief Investment Officer at the parent company of the platform, OPSkins. Despite spending the majority of his career working as an investment and financial specialist the technological sector has remained the most important part of the work of the Stanford University graduate because of his Master’s degree in Computer Sciences.


Among the major achievements in the career of Malcolm Casselle are his time spent as the leader of the advancement of the Groupon platform into Eastern China and his time spent as a director of the Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments. Video games have always played a major role in the career of Malcolm Casselle and led to his playing a major role in the development of the Xfire social media platform dedicated to the video game community.