OSI Industries acquires Dutch company Baho Food

OSI Industries has made yet another power move when it acquired Dutch company Baho food. OSI Industries is a supplier of customized food around the world. The company currently has facilities in at least 17 countries which gives them a huge footprint on the global food market. Although the deal has not been completely approved yet by the government, as it still has to cross through regulatory markets, the United States based group has already announced that it is now a large stakeholder in Baho Food.

OHI Industries currently works on the concept of providing customized food choices to companies and consumers that fits their lives or operations. They are currently able to be such a successful company because OSI carefully works with multiple consumers and suppliers to come up with innovative solutions for individual product needs. This is most likely why OSI Industries worked so hard to acquire Baho Food. Baho Food had already established itself as a supplier of deli meats, snacks, and prepackaged convenience foods to consumers across the European continent. Not only does OSI get the facilities and buildings that Baho owned, but they are also acquiring the customer base that Baho had already established. This is going to allow the presence of OSI to spread even deeper into Europe as a company offering all sorts of food solutions.

Not surprisingly, the Baho Food company itself will still benefit from this acquisition as they do still have a presence within the company. Baho Food’s will work with OSI Industries to build up the portfolio of each company. By combining the strengths of OSI Industries and Baho Food the depth of customers that each company will also be expanded. This means success for the name of each company and that OSI Industries has made yet another great business choice with this acquisition.

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