Philanthropist Sanjay Shah talks about Autism Rocks at EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Business magnet Sanjay Shah has been honored to his work for humanity. Apart from being a business executive that has built companies to success, he is also a renowned philanthropist. Previously, he founded Solo Capital in London and gave it leadership that has seen the organization lead in the brokerage field.

Apart from the brokerage firm, Sanjay continues to fund research into the subject of autism. For a long time, the field has had limited research. It has led to various advancements in the efforts to curb the effects of the condition. Therefore, as a measure to bring positive results, he decided to form Autism Rock. It is an organization that funds research in the field and hopes to get the best out of the situation.

Sanjay, while on EPN, broadly discusses the subject of entrepreneurship. He goes on to advise the young people on the basic principles of building a business empire.

About Sanjay Shah

Shah grew up as an accountant. He took the time to perfect in the art and understood the trade. Years later, he founded Solo Capital, which gave him outstanding success. He has been known as an established accountant and business executive.

After years of working in the brokerage field, his son was unfortunately diagnosed with a neurological disorder. The news of a son with autism drove him to form an organization that would fund research in the subject. It was not only to save his son, but to create awareness to all the people. The group’s work has given hope to the affected, and they have known the ways to live with the condition. Also, people have understood that life is not only about business. They have been inspired to touch the lives of others and develop together as a society.

To date, Autism Rocks continues to receive funds to finance research on the subject. The organization holds events, which ate invitation only. Music is played in the events and helps bring entertainment to problem-solving. The event’s main agenda is to raise funds and create awareness. The condition is a long-term development illness that leaves people with a disability to develop social relationships and to communicate. The affected have challenges in passing information and tend to be self-sufficient.
Many international organizations have applauded the efforts of creating awareness about this condition. His work is aimed at bettering humanity.


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