Sean Penn, Pappy Pariah, and Bob Honey

A novel by the actor, director, and writer Sean Penn has just been released in March. The book, originally an audiobook, titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” originally stated a Mr. Pappy Pariah was the author of the audiobook. Penn has even told a story of meeting this Pappy at a bar in Key West. Sean Penn now has stated that he is Pappy and it was a pen name he used initially. Now that the book is a novel, the publisher Atria Books has released the truth about Penn’s involvement.

Currently living in an America that he calls a “complicated” place, Penn wanted his story to be heard before the last election. This being his first novel Mr. Penn admitted that he did not fully understand how book publishing worked and that he wanted the story to go public as soon as possible. The audiobook allowed Sean Penn to get a “basic sketch” of the story.

At the age of 57, Sean Penn wants his voice to be heard no matter how others have understood his words. He put his all into writing, in an interview with Comedy Central, “Bob Hone Who Just Do Stuff.” Bob, the protagonist of the book, is a character that takes part in many jobs around the world. He is a product and a symbol of the America that we are living in today. Sean Penn wants his character to tell audiences what he thinks of what is going on in this country. He wants to be evident in the legacy he will be leaving behind.

Sean Penn enjoyed putting this book together stating that other writers did not influence him. He finds himself writing more and more at the age of 57. Mr. Penn has tried to write before, and life got in the way of that, but he will be writing more books and possibly more articles and good reads does a short preview of this book. Sean Penn currently lives in Santa Monica, California.

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