Sheldon Lavin achievements to the OSI Group and the society

Sheldon is the OSI group’s Chief Executive Officer and has a good reputation in the industry of meat and food processing. He also doubles up as OSI International Foods Ltd president and is involved in various operations of the firm. He studied accounting and finance, and this made him start working at the Otto and Sons that advanced into OSI Group, he developed industry knowledge. Due to his goals and objectives plus leadership revealed by him, the OSI Group moved from a local based food processing firm to a global international industry leader. This growth is evident in it having sixty locations in all sixty diverse countries.

Sheldon achievements and awards

While working as the CEO at the OSI Group, he transformed the company from a local business to an international organization offering employment opportunities to more than 20,000 persons in more than 70 conveniences in 17 countries. Bearing a total revenue of more than $6 billion, OSI is among the top 50 global organizations which are owned privately.

During his stay in the OSI Group for more than 43 years, he has received many awards, the award that is grateful to him is the 2016 Global Visionary Award which was offered by India’s Vision World Academy. The focus of that award was to appreciate individuals who are outstanding achievements to humanity through persistent and humility in their process of reaching their goals. In the year 2015, he received an award from RSM US LLP which was called Lifetime Achievement Award through his effort and commitment to service and the Chicago corporate community.

The OSI Group has also collected many awards that are as a result of the excellent performance and management of Sheldon Lavin. Some of the awards that the group received include environmental management, health management and safety and risky. He has also won an award for being the director and president of the foundation of Sheba and being a Board member of Rush University Medical Center.

Lavin charity works and philanthropy

Despite his job as the CEO of OSI, he involved himself in many charity works mainly through the Ronald McDonald House Charity, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, and Evans Scholarship Fund and many more. These donations and many others describe him as the person who is committed to helping the society at large.

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