Some of the Services Offered by Highland Capital Management

Investing is becoming a difficult task nowadays for the common person. This is because common investments are so competitive and return little interests at the end of the day. Take bonds and shares for instance. However, for the elite, they are turning to alternative forms of investing. These are investment practices that you can only learn from a place like Highland Capital Management. For starters, this is an institution that was established in the year 1993 by Mark Okanda and James Dondero. This firm mainly focuses on offering people alternative forms of investments.


Such investments include distressed investments, structured investments, and hedge funds. For distressed investments, the company will help you to acquire a company that is experiencing financial difficulty and assist you to streamline things. Also, if your firm is facing issues such as bankruptcy, you should look no further than Highland Capital Management. With assets worth over $19 billion under their watch, you can understand the level of business they are involved in. On the other hand, if you plan to acquire funds from institutional investors or accredited individuals and invest the funds on their behalf, Highland Capital Management also specializes in these types of services. Not only do they deal with individuals but they also deal with rich families, partnerships, and even corporations.


With all these services, Highland Capital is a global firm with offices in big cities in the world like New York, Hog Kong, Singapore, and Seoul. The corporate headquarters of this firm are located in Dallas, Texas. Other than the mentioned services, Highland Capital specializes in other services such as structured products, high yield bonds, and leveraged loans. In brief, they deal with a wide range of financial services. Under the leadership of financial expert James Dondero, the firm does not discriminate on the size of the business or net worth of the individual.


As part of their corporate social responsibility, Highland Capital Management is involved in some charitable causes. Some of these causes include Uplift Education, Snowball Express as well as Perot Museum of Natural Science. The firm is also part of another program called Education is Freedom that seeks to offer financial assistance to children from the Dallas, Texas area.