Stephen Murray, the Man who Made CCMP Capital Great

CCMP Capital is a venture firm that is based in New York. The firm deals with leverage buyout and capital growth transactions. As a company, CCMP has invested billions of dollars in leverage buyout and growth capital transactions since 2007. Due to its success, the firm is among the leading top 17 in private equity funds.

Since its establishment, CCMP has been identified by a number of names. In the beginning, it was a division of Chemical Bank and was called Chemical Venture Partners.

In 1996, its name changed to Chase Capital Partners after it successfully obtained Chase Manhattan Bank.

In 2000, there was another successful acquisition that comprised J.P. Morgan & Co. This led to the creation of JP Morgan Chase. This name was later changed to JP Morgan Partners. This is the period that saw the firm expand due to its good combination of private equity firms. The firms included the Beacon Group, Chase Manhattan, Robert Flaming & Co., Hambrecht & Quist, Manufacturers Hanover and J.P. Morgan & Co.

In 2004, there was another acquisition on Bank One, which had an in-house private equity investment. Bank One became the number one private equity investment wing for JP Morgan Chase. The acquisition of Bank One became the start of a number of spin outs.

In 2005, the first spin out emerged from JP Morgan Chase. This resulted in a new firm by the name CCMP; an acronym that stood for Chemical, Chase & J.P. Morgan Partners.

CCMP started with fifty employees and had operations in New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. One of the firm’s leading employees was Stephen Murray, who became the President and CEO. Mr. Steve had been an employee since 1989 and had worked in almost all the predecessor companies.

In 2007, Steve Murray succeeded Jeff Walker, who was the group founder. Mr. Steve made huge contributions to CCMP since he was a great investor and a deal maker. Under his leadership, the firm was successful when it came to investments. Mr. Steve of Pehub was also a board member in companies like Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, and The Vitamin Shoppe amongst others. He was also one of the leading philanthropists. He gave his support to organizations like the Boston College and Make a Wish Foundation.

In 2014, CCMP sold the contract research company Medpace for 900 Million dollars to Cinven.

Up to date, CCMP manages Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Investors and JP Morgan Partners. Among the firm’s notable investments are Aramark, Cabela’s, AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems, Hanley Wood, Renovo, and Triad Hospitals among others. We wish CCMP all the best.