The Expert Wengie Talks Travel

Wengie has a lot to say in recent Youtube video on everything you need to know about your facial routine when on vacation. She spoke to us from her trip to Viet Nam, where she had a fabulous time. She also dealt with the hustle and bustle of airports and travel, which so often stress out the skin. She cooks up a variety of bright ideas to keep that beauty going even under the rigors of the hot sun and beach scene.

Her first recommendation is to get a good portable bag for your supplies. This beauty pouch has skin care on one side and makeup on the other. Tools are in a zipper pouch at the top. The whole kit is so compact that it makes travelling a breeze. With a see through construction, it is easy for her to find just what she needs for her morning routine. It takes her only about 15 minutes to get ready. Her expertise in this area make it simple, and she is happy to share what she knows.

Wengie makes a clever recommendation to put toner and pads in a small plastic bag. Since they are ready to use, it takes no time at all to give refreshment to your skin after a good sleep. She recommends SK-II skin care essence. It gives your skin that bouncy tone. Another favorite of hers is the Apeu line of lip gloss. It is easy to apply, and it helps Wengie with her dry lip problems. For her, this is a frequent issue. She adds a glossy balm on top of the color, and it is easy to see she knows how to make herself beautiful.

She also goes for the Loveliner pen liner. It gives excellent control and is just the right size. Mabeline is another favorite brand of hers. She uses their brow pencil, and she also recommends you get an eyelash extension before your travel. Don’t wipe your forehead with your hand when you get sweaty, though. Blot it dry with a tissue instead. Finally, make sure to use sunscreen!


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