The Forefront of Healthy Dog Food is Innovation

Competition is fierce in the dog food industry with top manufacturers launching exciting products everyday. The most notable aspect of modern dog food products is the inclusion of quality ingredients that all serious pet owners want for their animals. A series of innovative products have been launched by various manufacturers, which has allowed pet owners to pick products that suit their dogs.

Freshpet Inc, a Pennsylvania-based pet food manufacturer, strives to limit the time its products sit on shelves by producing the only refrigerated dog food the market has seen so far. Additionally, Richard Thompson, the CEO, swears by the company’s product quality as he asserts that Freshpet Inc only uses eschew preservatives and fresh ingredients. The firm’s growth has been on the upward trend due to its innovative products, and its position in $23.7 billion industry is set to solidify further. With close to 15,000 stores selling the refrigerated dog meals, the firm’s success in the industry is inevitable.

Salmon, lamb, and organic-free food have been the main ingredients in many dog food products. It is no longer the case as competition has forced manufacturers to come up with ways to lead the pack. For instance, there is a dog meal from Colgate-Palmolive that enhances weight loss in dogs.

The supremacy battle has shifted online with Purina, a subsidiary of Nestle offering pet owners a site to personalize their dog’s meals. This move was inspired by the notion that the best pet food is one that is tailored to each dog’s needs. The highlight of the company’s products is freshness that comes from the locking in of the nutrients in cranberries and blueberries through a freeze-drying process.

Beneful, a brand from Purina comes in 20 varieties, which offer pet owners a broad product range to pick from. The company produces these meals in flavors like peanut butter, bacon, cheese, and beef that dogs can’t resist. Most importantly, Beneful is its composition, which is 100% balanced and complete with omega ingredients and antioxidants.

Also, pet owners get to pick from an assortment of food textures that their dogs find enjoyable. The Beneful brand first came into the market in 2001, with its primary objective being to provide nutrition to dogs. Ever since, the product range continues to grow with the Beneful Healthy Harvest product line being launched in 2005. It was the company’s first product that featured soy instead of meat in its ingredients.

Another strategy that has and still works for manufacturers is the “eat-like-your-owner” approach that has seen a whopping 45 percent rise in dog food on sales since 2009 in the U.S. Manufacturers now strive to make their dog meals as scrumptious as those consumed by humans. This fact is evidenced by a recent event where Michael Hieger, Freshpet Inc’s manufacturing chief tasted a slice of the firm’s product.

Blue Buffalo has also taken up this tactic by including chicken, rover’s lamb, whole grains, vegetables and fruits in its products. This move was seen by many as one that would contribute to its projected revenue of $1 billion in 2015. Big players in the industry are not watching as the events unfold without acting as they embarked on acquisition and innovation campaigns to solidify and enhance their positions in the market.

Purina Beneful on twitter purchase of Merric Pet Care is a classic example. The latter produces organic dry and wet pooch meals, and recently introduced a Backcountry products line that featured recipes like Pacific Catch and Game Bird. With a product like Bright Minds meant for senior dogs on its list, Purina is undoubtedly taking on its rivals head-on. The dog meal is made of medium-chain triglycerides that are extracted from coconut oil. Senior dogs metabolize this fat easily, resulting in an abundant release of energy for their various activities.