The Interesting Backstory to How IC Systems Protect the Consumer Market

Collection agencies often interact with consumers in ways that can at some times seem a little unethical. The truth is that these agencies sometimes push the limits into territory that they should perhaps not travel into. The good news is that some of the things that IC Systems have placed into action actually seem to be protecting consumers from agency malpractices.


IC Systems was founded in the year of 1938 by Jack and Ruth Erickson. The company has survived for over eighty years as a family company, located up north in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company has remained in the Erickson family for three generations, something that should be regarded as a remarkable accomplishment. The company works around a collection of core values, including honesty and integrity as a main priority for IC Systems to thrive around.


The company focuses much of its efforts on ensuring that it treat everybody involved in the business well, including clients and employees. The mindset and strategy behind IC Systems is a major part of the reason that they have earned a nomination for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for the last three years.


The company is aware that security and protection of information is imperative in today’s modern and digital world. They have taken steps to ensure that they have the capabilities of matching these concerns. In addition, the company is strengthened by its own staff members, mainly because they treat them as they should be treated, with respect, honesty, and integrity. These ingredients match together into creating a very successful family company. The Erickson family company has managed to stand the test of time due it never swaying away from its core values, and for that reason the company has build the impressive reputation that it now possesses in today’s world.