The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund And Its Beginning

There are many people who will find out about the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund after they read about the incident that started it all. These men had their right to a free press taken away, and they were able to strike back against a form of fascism that is rampant in Arizona.

They are both natives who wish to see the state get better, and they put their money where their mouths were. They started the Frontera Fund, and this is the story of how it happened.

#1: They Were Arrested

These two men were arrested under false pretenses, and they were able to sue Joe Arpaio for nearly $4 million. They were awarded a judgement after he was found to have violated their constitutional rights, and they used that money to start the Frontera Fund. Someone who is new to the Frontera Fund may not realize that these men did not take a cent, and they are benefiting by helping other people to this day.

#2: The Southwestern Migration Issue

There are many immigrants and migrant workers in the Southwest who are not treated fairly by anyone in positions of authority. They are not given the benefit of the doubt in any circumstance, and they are not allowed any fairness if they are arrested. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

The Frontera Fund provides legal help for these people, and it has an advocacy arm that releases information every day about what it means to be an immigrant in America. They hope to stop police abuses, and they hope to stop people from being prejudicial in any way.

#3: How Does The Frontera Fund Reach People?

The Frontera Fund reaches people by ensuring that they will be given help when they are in jail, stopped by the police and releases information about any encounters with the government. There are many migrant workers who are in the country legally, and they must be treated fairly given the protections that they are afforded.

Many people do not understand these protections, and they do not understand why they must be upheld in every possible way. Someone who has questions about protections for immigrants may contact the Frontera Fund, and they will find that there is an advocate who is avilable to come to their location.

#4: They Wish To Grow

Michael and Jim want to see the Frontera Fund grow as much as possible, and they believe that they are capable of creating something that will change the fabric of the nation.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin want to see a change away from the abuses that have caused heartache, and they want to see all people from all walks of life treated fairly. Their mission is to ensure that everyone is treated well as a human right.

Someone who wants to help immigrants and migrant workers may reach out to the Frontera Fund. They will find that the charity has a large reach, and they will notice that the company provides a number of services that are needed by the every day person.