The Natural pH Level of Waiakea Water Allows it to Hydrate the Body’s Cells Better

The question of how reliable the information is that comes from bottled water companies was the topic of an online article. Although most brands are advertised as coming from natural springs that contain properties presumed to be beneficial to the human body, the fact is that not all brands are the same. For a water to be beneficial to the body it needs to have a pH level that is in sync with the level found inside the body. Just because a water is advertised as being alkaline, does not mean it contains the level of pH needed to hydrate the body.

The Waiakea brand of bottled water has a pH level of about 7.6, which is extremely close to the pH level of the human body, which is around 7.4. The Waiakea water pH level allows it to fully hydrate the cells of the body’s internal systems as well as its outer layer of skin. The alkaline level of pH contained in Waiakea water comes naturally from its source. This water is captured at a spring found on the island of Hawaii, which is part of an underlying system of volcanic rock.

Waiakea water was launched in 2012 by a young man named Ryan Emmons. Mr; Emmons had the good fortune of visiting Hawaii with his parents when he was young, so he knew the quality and superior taste of this water well before he was old enough to start his own company. As a brand of Hawaii volcanic water, Ryan Emmons also wanted to ensure the natural environment from which the water was captured remained intact. This is why he chose to use water that came from a sustainable resource.

In addition to launching his brand of water as being environmentally friendly, Mr. Emmons also promoted the water’s health benefits. In addition to its hydrating pH level, the volcanic water benefits in the Waiakea brand also include some essential nutrients. The layers of volcanic rock the water passes through on its journey to the spring enrich it with magnesium, potassium, calcium and silica, which help the body maintain a state of good health.