The Road to Success with Todd Lubar

Everyone takes a different path to success. While everything else may differ, one thing remains as clear as day, you must work hard and dedicate yourself to whatever you do to succeed, and this is what Todd Lubar did. Like any other kid growing at the time, Todd Lubar enrolled in a speech communication class at Syracuse University. Today, he is known as the founder and chief executive officer of a company called TDL Global Ventures. However, Todd Lubar has been through a lot to be the person he is today.

Soon after completing school, he landed an opportunity at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he gained numerous skills that have made him who he is today. He worked with Crestar Mortgage for five years from 1995 to 1999. He later took a position at Legacy Financial Group where he also acquired a lot of knowledge. During his time with this firm, he used to work with the Maryland office where he recorded significant growth and success earning the company millions of money. He later took a position at Charter Funding as the senior vice president. Todd Lubar is a man who loves sharing knowledge, and he recently talked about his life. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar explained that his greatest passion and desire in life is to change the lives of people in one way or the other especially in the real estate industry. He says that he makes money in his line of business by finding people with the will and determination to realize their dreams. He warns against day dreaming saying that there are many people who spend their lives daydreaming about their goals in life. He also warns about procrastination. However, he did not become profitable at the word go as he had to wait for some years before his business could make him money.

Todd Lubar says that he had some doubts when beginning as an entrepreneur. He says that he only managed to succeed by focusing on everything he did. He encourages people to get up once they are knocked down. You cannot always make profits in business, but you have to make losses once in a while.