Time to Get Out of The Hole

It finally happened. I just got a new job working for the 990 Company! For those of you who don’t know what it is, I will be listing properties as a real estate agent! Since I already have my license, this will be an extremely easy process and a quick start. It is just so funny that I actually got hired because honest to god, good things never happen to me. This was the one job I wanted the most because it pays great and they give me dental and medical benefits. I needed the dental badly for my children so this to me is an absolute life savor. Now my son can get his braces and start feeling better about his beautiful smile.

The main concern I have about working with the 990 Company is how great the 990 sells homes program is. Even though I am a people pleaser and great with my words, I know that this particular company deals with some very head strong clientele. They all have more money than I could shake a stick at and sometimes it can be a little intimidating. I used to never let these things get to me, but I do so it is something I should probably start working on. Maybe then I can go to work without my thoughts racing 100 miles per hour.

Since I start work next Monday, I am going to use this weekend to go shopping for office supplies and a new wardrobe. Everything I own right now either has paint on them or holes. I have a feeling my new boss does not want me showing up in a pair of worn out jeans and my husbands T-shirt. I was thinking of maybe giving me a completely different look and buying bohemian styled clothing.

I do have a feeling that my first week at the office will be a little stressful so I am trying to prepare myself for it. I have met the other real estate agents and they seem so high end, which does intimidate me just a little bit. They have also been at the company for five years or more. Despite my minor insecurities, I am very excited to start earning an actual paycheck and not just a few hundred dollars every two weeks. That is literally all I got paid at my last crma job. I swore to myself that I would never settle for a minimum wage job again as it has put me in the hole will numerous companies and my landlord.

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  1. Menila Joshua says:

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