Why We Must Support the Johnson Amendment

End Citizens United is speaking up about the Johnson Amendment. They are united in their efforts to end the Citizens United ruling, which allows people to make large contributions to businesses without disclosing them. This is terrible for politics, because there is no accountability.

However, there is a chance that nonprofits and churches will also be able to start making such contributions. That is even worse. There will be no end to the corruption in the government at that point. The Johnson Amendment is specifically designed in order to stop religious and other tax exempt institutions from participating in the political process and endorsing candidates. However, the President has already made a move to weaken the Johnson Amendment. This can not be allowed to go any further by allowing them to make political contributions as well.

The Johnson Amendment was made by Lyndon Johnson, who eventually went on to become President. End Citizens United released a statement saying that it was a terrible decision to try to reverse the Johnson Amendment. This will let churches become secret conduits of political donations. It is not something that can happen. If it does happen, people who donate to churches and get tax exempt status for that will basically be getting tax exempt status for political donations, as these churches will then be going ahead and donating the money to political campaigns.

The Johnson Amendment does not totally prohibit churches from making political moves. For example, they can hold a voter registration drive. Its purpose is to stop churches from making secret political donations.

End Citizens United will continue to fight for transparency in politics. They are fighting to get the Citizens United decision repealed. The Citizens United decision is a great obstacle to having open political campaigns where we know where candidates are getting their money from. If we do not have that information, it is possible that candidates will be getting large secret contributions from lobbyists and corporations who have special interests in mind that run against the interests of the average American consumer. The politicians will then be beholden to these lobbyists and will end up carrying out their interests and pushing legislation to help them out. This is corruption at its finest. In order to stop this corruption, it is essential that we support politicians who will make a stop to the Citizens United decision and who will support the Johnson Amendment. It is the best way forward for our country. We can not allow politicians to continue receiving contributions from unknown sources. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United


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